The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Wedding Band [Download]

Hiring a wedding band can be intimidating...

Music is one of the most vital elements of any event, be it a wedding reception, ceremony, or simply a cocktail hour before dinner. The entertainment can make (or break) the mood and energy of your guests, so it is easy to see how a great Wedding Band or DJ should be one of your most crucial hires.

So many Questions - So little time

When hiring your wedding entertainment, there are so many things to consider. Common questions that we hear often from clients range from "how can I tell a great band from a dud?" to "what kind of things do I need to know before I can hire them?" and everything in between. There are a lot of unknowns, and it's easy to see how this whole process might start to get kind of overwhelming...

Don't worry! We're here to help!

After literally hundreds of weddings and private events, we have spent some time collecting answers to some of the most common questions, concerns, and contemplations that we hear from our clients, and we have packaged them together in this handy step-by-step guide that will help you navigate through the potentially daunting process of hiring entertainment for your wedding.

The Music City Sound Presents...

The Ultimate guide to Hiring a Wedding Band


In this 17-Page Ultimate guide you'll Learn About:

  • The 6 defining traits that distinguish a great wedding band from a dud.
  • All you need to hire your wedding band like a pro
  • The 9 questions you should ask your wedding band before you hire them
  • Includes 2 printable worksheets to make planning your wedding entertainment a breeze

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