3 Big Questions to Ask the Band for Your Corporate Event or Party

Whether you are entertaining prospective clients, star employees, or shareholders - we know that ensuring that your corporate party or event is a big deal. There is an incredible amount of details that go into creating the right environment to keep your guests engaged, and one of the most important aspects of your evening will be the musical entertainment. There are many factors that affect whether a band will be the right fit for your particular event, but here are 3 big questions that you can ask your prospective vendor to help you along the way.

1) Do they have experience with these types of events?

It is incredibly important to sure that the band you hire has had experience in the corporate world before. These events differ a lot from the experience that many bands have (bars, weddings, etc), and it’s important to know that the group you hire is well-versed in this arena.  If you’re unsure of the band’s experience, feel free to ask what events they have been part of, and what those looked like.  Most corporate events and private parties do not follow a typical schedule - nearly every event is different from the last - so it is vital that the band that you hire be excellent communicators and very flexible when it comes to working with your schedule.

2) What different entertainment packages do they offer?


Ideally, the band that you hire will be able to offer you an entertainment package or lineup that is tailored to the needs and energy of your event. If you would like a smaller group to perform light background music during a dinner or cocktail hour, that will obviously require a different setup than what is required to get your guests out on the dance floor and partying all night long. Whether you are looking for stately sophistication or epic energy, a professional entertainment group should be able to put together the perfect ensemble to compliment your evening's festivities. Many bands will also offer emcee and announcement services as well to ensure that your event flows seamlessly from one segment to the next.

3) Are they technically equipped for an event of your caliber?


It takes a lot more than "just" music to create the exact right energy for your event. Entertainment is all about treating the senses and pulling your guest into a new exciting environment where they can let loose and get the most out of your celebration. It makes perfect sense that building that environment should require a fair amount of high-grade professional audio and lighting equipment. You may have already contracted a sound or media company to provide this kind of gear for your event, but if you haven't, many more experienced bands have their own set of equipment to help create this engaging experience for your evening.

The tip of the iceberg...

While these 3 questions are vitally important to the success of your event, there are many other details that go into creating an unforgettable event for your guests. As we have mentioned before, the most essential quality of a professional entertainment group is their communication. In this way, they will work with you to meet the needs and requirements of your event, and ensure that people will be talking about it for a long time.

We would love to hear from you!

If you are planning an event soon, or you are just simply curious about what goes into hiring entertainment for your next party, please reach out to us. We love helping our clients create incredible events and we would be honored to be a part of yours.